Forth Consecutive Year!
#ThxPGAPro - PGA Centennial Tee Shot
The G2 Golf Group
The G2 Golf Group
The Teaching Studio
Travel with Winners - Team G2 @ Barona - March 2013
Midnight Sun @ The Blue Lagoon - Grindavik, Iceland
Team G2 in San Diego, CA - February 2015
Welcome to The G2 Golf Group!  Owned and operated by PGA Professional, Elizabeth Granahan and Golf Business Executive, Michele Gajderowicz, G2 takes a new approach to the game of golf and the ways in which we incorporate it into our daily lives; personal, family & business.

From the Academy and golf course, to the board room, home and farthest corners of the globe, we want each of our students to be able to make golf a part of their life's adventure.  We're privileged to do the work that we do and honored to be able to share it with our "family" of students.

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