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Golf Instruction

Nestled comfortably behind Chester Valley Golf Club's 15th green, G2 is perched atop a ridge overlooking the driving range. The Academy, along with it’s high-tech studio, took months to design and build yet it fits comfortably into the landscape and looks as if it has been there for many years.

Outfitted with the latest technologies, G2 houses a large teaching studio, a small but well-appointed reception area and a loft office. A vaulted ceiling and huge, coil-up door allows students to launch balls from the studio onto the driving range, while powerful high-speed Ethernet cameras capture every move.

Climate controlled, the Academy's temperature remains relatively constant throughout the year, while the atmosphere is designed to make students comfortable and year-round learning a breeze.

Golf Instruction is Headed by Elizabeth Granahan, PGA

Nationally, Elizabeth is one of the PGA’s most well-respected instructors.  Her dedication to the game is immeasurable and her work has been recognized by many, including Ryder Cup Captains Billy Casper (deceased), Dow Finsterwald and Hal Sutton, with whom she served at the PGA’s "Inaugural Junior Ryder Cup Academy.”

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